Instructions for writing manuscripts

The manuscript should be typed one-sided on A-4 sheets with margins of 31 mm (top and bottom) and 20 mm (left and right) in Word, font Arial 12 pt. The entire paper should be submitted also in electronic format to e-mail address provided here, or on CD. The author is obliged to keep one copy of the manuscript.

As of issue 1/2010, in line with the decision of the Management Board of the Society and the Board of Editors, papers with positive reviews, accepted for publication, will be published in Serbian and English, and in English for foreign authors (except for authors coming from the Serbian and Croatian speaking area).

Each page should be numbered, and the optimal length of the paper in one language is about 16 pages (30.000 characters) including pictures, images, tables and references. Larger scale works require the approval of the Board of Editors.

The title should describe the content of the paper using a few words (preferably eight, and up to eleven). Abbreviations and formulas should be omitted in the title. The name and surname of the author should be provided after the title of the paper, while authors' title and position, as well as affiliation in the
footnote. The author should provide his/her phone number, e-mail address and mailing address.

The abstract (summary) of about 150 words in Serbian and English should be followed by key words (up to seven). This is a concise presentation of the entire article and provides the readers with insight into the essential elements of the paper.

The manuscript is divided into chapters and subchapters, which are hierarchically numbered with Arabic numerals. The paper consists of introduction and content with results, analysis and conclusions. The paper ends with the list of references. All dimensional units must be presented in international SI measurement units.The formulas and equations should be written carefully taking into account the indexes and exponents. Symbols in formulas should be defined in the order they appear, or alternatively, symbols may be explained in a specific list in the appendix. Illustrations (tables, charts, diagrams and photos) should be in black and white, in a format that enables them to remain clear and legible when downscaled for printing: one to two columns (8 cm or 16.5 cm) in height, and maximum of 24.5 cm high, i.e. the size of the letters and numbers should be at least 1.5 mm. Original drawings should be of high quality and fully prepared for copying. They also can be high-quality, sharp and contrasting photocopies. Photos should be in black and white, on quality paper with sharp contours, which enable clear reproduction.

The list of references provided at the end of the paper should contain only papers mentioned in the text. The cited papers should be presented in alphabetical order of the authors' first name. References in the text should be numbered with Arabic numerals in square brackets, as provided in the list of references, e.g. [1]. Each citation in the text must be contained in the list of references and vice versa, each entry from the list of references must be cited in the text.

Entries in the list of references contain the author's last name and initials of his first name, followed by the full title of the cited article, the name of the journal, year of publication and the initial and final pages cited (from - to). For books, the title should be followed by the name of the editor (if any), the number of issue, the first and last pages of the book's chapter or part, the name of the publisher and the place of publication, if there are several cities, only the first in the order should be provided. When the cited information is not taken from the original work, but found in some other source, the citation should be added, "quoted from ..."

Authors are responsible for the content presented and must themselves provide any necessary consent for specific information and illustrations used in the work to be published.

If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors shall implement all the corrections and improvements to the text and illustrations as instructed by the Editor.

Writings and illustrations contained in published papers will not be returned. All explanations and instructions can be obtained from the Board of Editors.

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